What is Cabinotch?
Cabinotch is a unique patented
manufacturing process which incorporates
nested manufacturing and CNC operations
to produce a quality, interlocking cabinet
box. Cabinotch's construction process
features wood to wood glue joints,
providing unmatched strength and

The Cabinotch system combines the
precision and speed of a CNC router with
its patented joinery technique which has
completely revolutionized the way
cabinets are made!
Each panel in the Cabinotch system is individually labeled which simplifies the
assembly process which takes under 5-minutes per cabinet.
Save Time & Labor
Typically, every man in the shop is involved with
panel processing, including some of your most
skilled labor. With Cabinotch's patented notching
system, a cabinet box can be completely assembled
in approximately 5-minutes. With time saved, this
can free up hours for your skilled craftsman and get
their hands away from the table saws allowing
them to focus on what they do best.

The Cabinotch construction system is a repeatable
process and simple to train. Each panel is
individually labeled allowing for straightforward
With the Cabinotch system, you can increase
your manufacturing capacity without the need
to hire additional personnel.
Competitive Advantage
Wouldn't you like to gain market share by
selling more product, without the need to hire
additional labor? With the Cabinotch patented
system, you will have the ability to produce
more cabinets in less time providing you with
additional manufacturing capacity! Koetter
Woodworking offers a broad range of sizes and
species, allowing you to order what you need,
when you need it. And since the Cabinotch
system utilizes Koetter Brand Certified quality
materials, you can rest assured that you will
receive products that are consistent in grain
and color in the quality that you have come to
expect from Koetter Woodworking, Inc.
Introducing the innovative, cost saving system of Cabinotch; made of the quality
materials of Koetter Woodworking; all available through the exceptional services of
McIntyre Millwork & Hardwood Supply.
Features & Benefits
  • The patented notching technique and wood-
    to-wood glue joints provide unmatched
    strength and durability
  • The Cabinotch system will provide you with
    approximately 90% of the cabinet boxes
    needed for an average kitchen.
  • Once assembled, your Cabinotch unit will be
    perfectly square - ideal for cabinets utilizing
    inset doors.
  • Save time on assembly. Each panel is
    individually labeled making the average
    assembly time about 5-minutes per box.
  • Just in time inventory allows for better use of
    your working capital.
  • Better utilize your skilled craftsmen by
    allowing them to focus on more complex jobs.
    This gives you the ability to increase your
    manufacturing capacity without having to hire
    additional personnel.
  • With the Cabinotch system, your material
    waste will be significantly reduced.
  • Units may be finished and stored
    unassembled, which is very beneficial for large
    projects with undetermined, or multiple ship
  • Units may also be shipped broken down for
    jobsite assembly.
For More Information
  • Call McIntyre Millwork (636)391-8100
  • Cabitoch cabinet boxes are available pre-
    finished or unfinished and can be made of
    a variety of wood species.
All information about Cabinotch and Cabinotch's manufacturing process was acquired through Koetter Woodworking, Inc. from Cabinotch.